Is disinfection worthwhile

The answer is yes. Production results usually improve after the implementation of good hygiene plans. Doubts about cleaning and disinfection may occur after a lot of effort has led to no observable effect. However, lack of effect is often due to faults and oversights during one or more of the disinfection tasks.

There is a whole list of factors that must be respected in the practical performance of chemical disinfection before an observable effect can reasonably be expected. It demands a thorough knowledge of the disinfectants used and considerable precision in the performance of the different tasks. 

The commonest reasons for disinfection failure are:

      The use of an unsuitable or poor quality product for the task

      Lack of contact between the agent and the micro-organisms (often due to

       shortcomings in cleaning and application, especially achieving good deposition,

       coverage and penetration

      Lack of knowledge about or regard for, the right conditions

      De-activation of the disinfectant due to residues of organic matter

       or incompatible detergent

      Using the wrong concentration of product

      Performance of the disinfection taking place at a too high or too low temperature

      Too short exposure time caused by rinsing off too early because a product is a    

       corrosive or using slow-acting products 

        that have dried before the effect is achieved.


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