Desinfektionsrådgiveren (The Disinfection Advisor) Aps concerns itself with advice on cleaning and disinfection in Danish farming and industry. Laboratory technician Ove Christoffersen, who has worked for more than 30 years with disinfection in the Danish poultry business and pig breeding, runs the firm Desinfektionsrådgiveren Aps, offers independent advisory services on cleaning and disinfection. Ove Christoffersen has, through the years, developed many disinfectants and knows the active ingredients and formulations and modes of action.

The Company develops comprehensive hygiene plans tailored to each individual farm.

Disinfection advisor Ove Christoffersen also gives lectures and instruction in hygiene and disinfection. These courses/meetings cover everything related to cleaning, disinfectants, disinfection methods, hygiene plans, as well as accredited disinfection and cleaning testing.

 Typical areas of competence:

•                    Individual advice on cleaning and disinfection

•                    Cleaning and disinfection plans

•                    Cleaning testing

•                    Disinfection testing

•                    Help for choosing appropriate and efficient


•                    Sanitization plans and strategies

•                    Courses in cleaning, disinfection, chemistry

                     and microbiology

•                    Bio-security

•                    HACCP

•                    Water inspection/analysis

•                    Salmonella elimination



Fully qualified laboratory technician in 1984 specialised in micro biology and chemistry.

Professional consultant for cleaning agents from 1985 to1989.

Professional consultant for chemical disinfectants from 1989 to1994.

From 1994 to 2002, professional advisor and consultant in the disinfection department of KFK, with primary tasks being development of disinfectants, advising about sanitisation, combating salmonella in the poultry business and correct use of disinfectants. Performances of disinfection tests in buildings used for animal keep.

March 2002, owner of the advisory firm Desinfektionsrådgiveren Aps.  


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